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About Us

We are committed to expanding the pool of job seekers for employers and the pool of jobs for job seekers by making reliable transportation accessible throughout the Metroplex.

We are committed to making your business accessible to a larger pool of potential customers by providing reliable transportation to any business throughout the Metroplex.


Employers and Directory Listers

Employers will have access to a larger pool of job seekers that can now apply for their posted jobs regardless of where the job is located, because reliable and affordable. transportation is available to any job listed in the Metroplex.

Employers will have access to a live video introduction of each candidate they review there resume for potential employment.

Employers will be able to participate in virtual and in person job fairs as they are scheduled.

Businesses listed in the Directory will have assistance to Legal and business consulatiaons. Directory listers will also be invited to participate in virtual and in person trade shows.

What Services Candidates can get

Job Seeker Candidates have a larger pool of potential employers to choose from, because now when they are job searching, all jobs regardless of location in the Metroplex are accessible because reliable transportation is available at there finger tips.

Benefits for registered memberships

Benefits of listing on our website

Expanded exposure to a unique audience of potential customers that rely on affordable transportation and access to more of the Metroplex,

This will improve your Metroplex Visibility, as well as your SEO and brand image.

How Users can get Benefits

As a Registered member, Users gain access to a larger portion of the Metroplex in a more economical and affordable way. As a member users will have access to a larger population of businesses and much needed entities offering discounts at their place of business..

Benefits of Listing on our Website

When listing on our website your business will be exposed to a unique audience made up of individuals depending on transportation services that enables them to access the entire Metroplex at a reasonable cost.

User Benefits

As a Registered Member, Users have access to a multitude of services such as affordable and reliable transportation services that gives them access to anywhere in the Metroplex.

Users will also have access to a Living Wage Job Board and a Directory made up of a Diverse listing of businesses that provide a variety of services and products.